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Bridge EX_DADA AES/EBU Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier

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Bridge EX_DADA (AES/EBU Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier with Reclocking) provides 8 signal outputs of 75Ω or 110Ω (Rear board type option) from SMPTE 276M signal input. 
Bridge EX_DADA includes Equalizing and Reclocking circuits as enabling to be installed within 600m(75Ω) or 300m (110Ω) input distance. 

key Features
• SMPTE 276M, AES3id(1995) supported
• Up to 8 AES/EBU outputs
• 75Ω or 110Ω In/Output available (Rear board type option)
• Automatic equalization up to 600m(75Ω), 300m(110(Ω)
• 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling rate supported
• Input sampling rate auto detection
• Auto/Manual cable equalization supported
• Low jitter & high performance
• Hot-swap capable


AES/EBU Digital Audio Input
Input Number_1
Input Standard_SMPTE 276M, AES-3id(1995)
Coupling_Transformer coupled
Connector_75Ω BNC, 110Ω  terminal block
Signal Level_1Vp-p(75Ω), 2~7Vp-p(110Ω)
Input Return Loss_ >25dB at 0.1 to 6MHz(75Ω)
Sample Rate_32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz

AES/EBU Digital Audio Output
Output Number_8
Output Standard_SMPTE 276M, AES-3id(1995)
Coupling_Transformer coupled(110Ω)
Connector_75Ω BNC, 110Ω  terminal block
Signal Level_1Vp-p(75Ω), 2~7Vp-p(110Ω)
Jitter_ <5ns
Rise and Fall time_ 30-40ns(75Ω), 5-30ns(110Ω)
Sample Rate_32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz

Voltage_+12V DC
Power Dissipation_ < 2W
Temperature_ 0 ~ 65 °C

Bridge EX frame mounting
Number of slot_2

Ordering Information
Bridge EX_DADA-U (75Ω)
Bridge EX_DADA-B (110Ω)
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