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HDLIVE3000 3RU Mounting Frame

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HDLive3000(3RU Mounting Frame) is the specially-designed frame for the various modules of HDLive3000 Series such as HDTV, SDTV, Analog Audio & Video Distributor, MUX/DMX, Timing, Converter.  HDLive3000 provides the total 15 slots : 14 single module slots(1st -14th slots) / 1 Network Interface Module slot (15th slot)
The total 2units of 200W power supply can be installed as each for main and redundant power supply.

key Features
• Designed for the modules of HDLive3000 Series
• 3RU 19” Standard Rack Size
• Total 15 slots : 14 single module slots(1st -14th slots) / 1 Network Interface Module slot (NIM, 15th slot)
• Forced Air Cooling by FAN.
• Easy replacement of rear connector
• Available to be equipped with the 2units of 200W Power Supply as sufficient capacity for 15 modules
• Available for Remote Control by Remote Control Panel (a specific model may be unavailable)
• Plug-in mounting type for easy installation & removal


Voltage_95~240V AC 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Dissipation_200W
Fuse_250V / 5A
Power Supply_Redundant, Separate AC inlets, Forced Air cooling by FAN, Over Voltage Protection Over Current Protection
Over Temperature Protection,  Power Fact Control
Temperature_0~50 ℃
Size_483mm x 132mm x 370mm
        ( W      X    H    X     D )
Module Capacity_14 single slot module optional 1 HDLIVE3000 NIM
Power Supply_Up to 2
Ordering Information   
HDLIVE3000S_3RU_Mounting Frame with Single Power
HDLIVE3000D_3RU_Mounting Frame with Dual Power


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