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Digital HD Encoder

KAS1300 HDLivecast

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KAS 1300 is High-Performing MPEG-2 HD Encoder perfectly carrying out the Digital Compression & Encoding of HD Video/Audio signal, and providing its output through Transport Stream suited for Digital Transmission. And, KAS 1300 is Hybrid Convergence product able to do the 8VSB modulation on the ASI signal of Encoder’s output by 8VSB Modulator, and optimally transmit it.

key Features
• Video MPEG-2 MP@HL , Audio AC-3
• Boot / Recovery time < 10 sec
• Low latency : under 150ms
• Support Internal VCT, MGT
• CVBS Analog video input
• Component Analog video input
• Stereo Audio input
• HDMI Video input
• SDI Video input
• Wide range of output frequency (built-in 8 VSB Modulator)
• Easy Control by LCD display
• 1U -Standard 19" Rack Mount type 
Inputs_ Video : HDMI, HD-SDI,YPbPr, CVBS
              Audio : HDMI, SDI embedded audio
              Analog Audio : Stereo L/R
Connectors_SDI BNC 75 ohm, HDMI, RCA
RF Output_ Frequency Range : 54~870MHz
                    Output Level : 50 dBmV
                    MER : 35dB
                    Phase Noise : 98dBc@20KHz
                    Spurious  ≤60 dB
                    Return Loss :  ≥12dB
                    Group Delay : ± 25 ns
                    EVM :  ≤1.5%
                    PCR Jitter : ±500 ns
Video Encoding
Standard_ MPEG-2 MP@HL
Latency_under 150ms
                Mosquito/Block Noise reduction
Resolution and Frame Rates_Progressive mode : 1280 x 720p (60Hz, 59.94Hz, 50Hz)
                                                   Interlace mode : 1920 x 1080i (30Hz, 29.97Hz, 25Hz)
                                                   480i (59.94Hz, 50Hz), 576i (50Hz)
                                                   Bit Rate : 5~24 Mbps Max
Audio Encoding
Standard_MPEG-1 Layer-II, AC3
Sampling Frequency_48KHz
Channels_ 1 Stereo
Control & Monitoring
Front Panel_2x20 LCD Display, Control Keys Configuration
Physical & Power
1U (19” rack), 483 x 44 x 410 (WxHxD), Weight : 3.15Kg
Voltage 90~230V, Power consumption : 28W


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