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Digital Caption Processor

DVP3000 HD Caption Inserter

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DVP3000 is HD Vanc Inserting equipment putting in supplementary data to video vertical blank area. Caption data is able to be inserted through Network. The inserted data output is provided as PGM SDI signal. In case of being in synchronization with transmitting equipment, the additional data is able to be checked at TV. 

key Features
• Support SMPTE 292(HD) SMPTE 125M(SD)
• Selectable SD/HD video input
• SMPTE 334 VANC encoding
• Support DTVCC CEA-708B
• Selectable VANC insert line
• Present DTVCC delete function
• Support Ethernet , RS232, RS422 port for communication
• Low delay Caption Encoding time (under 100 us)
• Display status
• Relay Bypass function for power loss
• Dual Power supply
• Standard 1U size
• Optional Timecode & AES/EBU input


Input_ Video : HD-SDI (1 Input)
                        SD SMPTE259M, HD SMPTE274M
Output_Video : HD-SDI (Relay-Bypass 1 Output)
              Video : HD-SDI (Monitoring 1 Output)
Connectors_HDMI, RCA
Input_ Ethernet : 1EA (100BT UDP, TELNET)
            RS232 : 1EA (9600 ~115200 bps)
            RS422 : 1EA (9600 ~115200 bps)
            GPI : 4EA
Output_GPO : 4EA
Standard_ SMPTE334 VANC data encoding
                   Support EIA-708B
Physical & Power
1U (19” rack)
483 x 44 x 300 (WxHxD)
Weight : 2Kg
Voltage 90~230V
Power consumption : 20W


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